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Short Introduction To Natural Cellular Defense

Waiora’s new product, Natural Cellular Defense is so unusual, unique, and dynamic that there are internationally renowned health professionals in the wellness community saying things like, “This may well be the single most profound breakthrough in health of our time.”

Hello and welcome to this information site. We are the Goforth’s and over the next few minutes we’ll be introducing you to this revolutionary, breakthrough product, Natural Cellular Defense or NCD. So what is this amazing new stuff? How does it work, what makes it unique? First of all, NCD is a type of mineral called a Zeolite. Zeolites form when lava and ash contact water. They are unusual in that they are one of the few naturally occurring, negatively charged minerals. They have a honeycomb, cage-like structure and will magnetically attract and capture toxins–anything with a positive charge and the right size or configuration–like heavy metals or insecticides.

Now, Zeolites are not news. When the Chernobyl disaster occurred, the Russian government dumped tons of Zeolite on the site to absorb the toxicity. Zeolites have been used in agriculture for over 40 years and are listed on the U.S. government’s GRAS (or Generally Regarded as Safe) list. NASA has used Zeolites in air filtration, and in Asia, Russia, India, and China Zeolite has been used for centuries to promote better health.

So, why is NCD unique and new? A brilliant biochemist, Dr. Harvey Koffman, spent 13 years researching this particular Zeolite and he figured out how to clean and activate the mineral, how to get it small enough to travel to all parts of our body, and how to get it into a liquid form. Dr.Koffman patented this process, so Waiora now has the exclusive distribution rights to a product that has never been available to humanity before in this form.

In your body, NCD will attract and capture heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, certain molds and fungus, nitrosamines, and more. Any substance with the right charge and size will be captured and removed safely from your body, mostly through the kidneys.

NCD is classified as a nutritional substance–but that’s almost inaccurate. Natural Cellular Defense adds no appreciable nutrition to your body. It is, simply put, an amazingly profound cleaning agent. The molecules of Zeolite go into your body clean and they come out dirty. This product has a measurable and quantifiable mechanism of action.

So what happens in your body when you take the NCD? There are three things that we can say that NCD will help with:

1. It is a powerful, yet safe, detoxification agent.

2. It will help the body balance its pH.

3. It facilitates a balanced and properly functioning immune system.

The downstream consequences or results of these three things are varied and profound.

Let’s talk about the first part, Detoxification. We live in a “toxic soup. Our air, food, and water are contaminated. We are in contact with a vast array of toxins on a daily basis. According to the EPA there are about 70,000 chemicals used commercially in the U.S. and of those, 65,000 are potentially hazardous to your health. The Environmental Defense Group tells us that four billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into our environment every year and that 72 million pounds of those are known carcinogens. No one knows what happens when these toxic materials interact with each other and form new and potentially hazardous compounds. So the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat can be dangerous to our health. There are some health professionals that believe as much as 95% of all diseases are caused or made worse by toxicity. There was a study done recently testing the blood from the umbilical cords of newborn humans, and what was discovered was chilling–hundreds of toxins, many of which were known to be carcinogenic were discovered. So our babies are being born with a toxic load.

In other detox programs detoxification agents are introduced into your body, causing the cells to discharge stored toxins. Your body must then act as a filter for the newly released toxicity. This process can have dangerous consequences, including possible damage to your kidneys, liver, bladder, and more. That’s not so with Natural Cellular Defense.

The NCD magnetically captures the toxins and ferries them safely out of your body. NCD is not metabolized by the body, it does not store in the body–and once it grabs a toxin, it never lets go unless it encounters something even more toxic–then it will exchange for the more toxic element. It is important to note that NCD will not remove needed nutrients from your body, only toxic substances.

Number 2. Balancing the pH. NCD helps the body balance the pH, not by adding alkalinity, but by removing the things that are acidic or moving the acidic materials to more appropriate places in your body. Now it’s common knowledge that most diseases will not live and cannot thrive in a balanced pH or alkaline environment. Disease needs an acidic environment, as do bacteria, viruses, Candida, parasites, molds, fungus, and more.

Number 3. Balancing immune function. The other benefit of using NCD is the support it gives to a properly functioning immune system. Once the toxic load has been removed and the pH is balanced, the immune system is supported and allowed to function better. The NCD seems to act as an immuno-modulating agent. In other words, if your immune system is overactive (which is the problem with autoimmune disorders), it quiets
down, or if it’s under active, it boosts up.

Another important point that needs to be made about NCD is that the product will help your body to better utilize nutrition. Fifty percent of the people in the U.S. use supplements. Unfortunately, very little of what they take works because of either poor quality nutritionals or the inability of the body to uptake the nutrients. The Natural Cellular Defense will help to clear the toxicity off the nutritional receptor sites in your body, thereby allowing better utilization of nutrients. NCD is safe for anybody–pregnant women, nursing mothers, and newborn babies.

We believe what we are offering people is a product that is incredibly helpful and amazingly hopeful, and when someone gets that, it gives them a true sense of empowerment. They are empowered to be able to do something positive to promote not only their own better health, but the health and well being of those they love.

Thank you for the time you took to read the information contained in this web site. For more information or for help ordering this wonderful product, please click on our Waiora web site: www.mywaiora.com/254982

Disclaimer: The statements in these clips, videos, interviews or research about NCD Zeolite are for educational research purposes only. This information is not being used solicit product sales, is not to be interpreted as a claim of cure or treatment, and has not been endorsed nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA). No person with a physical illness should undertake the self-administration of nutritional substances or substitute them for qualified medical treatment unless advised to do so by a qualified medical professional. Use of any nutritional substance mentioned on this website is done at your own risk.