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Selected testimonials for liquid zeolite

Please note that these liquid zeolite testimonials have been listed here to give the reader an idea of the power of the body's own healing mechanisms when it is liberated from toxins and the pH is balanced. In no way should they be taken to imply that liquid zeolite is a medicine or has medicinal action. If you have a medical condition, liquid zeolite should ideally be integrated into a proper treatment program supervised by a medical doctor.

The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Hi All,
Just wanted to give you the good news! I've been on the Zeolite drops for 1 month now. I was
catching a cold when I first went on them - it went away. I have also slept very well since being on them - I wasn't before that.

About two weeks ago I woke up in the night with a tummy ache and fever. My husband had a VERY bad flu, with chills, fever, aches and pains, throwing up and a high fever. (Other people we knew who had it at the same time had gone to the doctor and been diagnosed as having Scarlet Fever!). I thought I had gotten it, too. I also have epilepsy and could feel the aura and knew a seizure was coming on! I was just about to reach over and wake up my husband to let him know I was having a seizure when a miracle happened! It all started to reverse itself! The buzzing in my ears went away, the tingling in my hands and forehead went away, the sick feeling went away, the fever left and my tummy felt better! I was able to go back to sleep and was fine in the morning!

Several times I have felt my kidneys aching, so I knew some good was happening, but the pain never lasted very long.

Yesterday my body fat percentage dropped 5 points in just ONE day! Today I took a cholesterol test. It had steadily been increasing every single time I have had it measured in the last 10 years. Today it had dropped by 33 points!!! I went from 249 in the HIGH catagory down to 216 in the borderline area. YIPPEE!!!

Also yesterday, while putting my make-up on, I noticed a change in my eye. I've had a dark dot in the color of my eye for about 30 years or so; I don't ever remember it not being there. A little over a month ago I saw someone who took a photo of my eyes for an Iridology evaluation; the spot was there in the photo. Now, it’s almost entirely gone! I can barely find it! I’ve been told that those spots generally indicate toxins in the corresponding area of the body, so whatever it was, I’m happy it’s almost completely gone!!! The spot was in my right eye, in a position between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock. My health care professional indicated this was in the area of my liver. I'm sooooo glad to have had the photos taken when they were! Soon I hope to have before and after photos.

Update - just ONE day later - The reason I wanted to take the drops in the first place was to get my ph levels up to a better balance. For about 8 or 10 years my ph has been at 5.0. I knew this wasn't good at all, but no matter what I tried, or what I used, or who I went to for help, the levels wouldn't budge at all. This morning, after just one month of taking 15 Zeolite drops 3 times a day, my ph measured at 6.0. Two jumps may not seem like a lot, but that is a VERY marked improvement for me, I know it's going to get even better and I am VERY excited!!!

I am also excited to see what else these miraculous drops will do for me and those I love!!!

Thanks so much!!!

Love and Light,
Toni Smith - Meridian, Idaho - January 14, 2006

When my mother was pregnant with me she was given a drug called DES that resulted in numerous birth defects and devastating health consequences throughout my life. In 1982, when I was a 27 years old mother of two small girls, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which was caused by the DES. Being a nurse, I chose traditional medical treatment and a year later I was in very grave condition, I quickly became open to alternative forms of medicine to restore my health. After that life changing experience, I felt I could no longer return to my traditional nursing profession and instead became certified in a wide variety of natural health modalities. In 1984 I opened a Wellness Center specializing in nutrition, high quality supplements, various therapies, heavy metal detoxification and immune system support. Even with all of my training, experience, wonderful products and healing devices, I have lived everyday of my 51 years with pain in my body and very fragile health.

Another one of the effects that the DES caused was severe breast deformities. When I was 17 I had massive reconstructive surgery, after which they tried to make me "more normal" by placing silicone breast implants. By the age of 40 I was almost dead with chemical and heavy metal poisoning from the implants. For several years
I was so chemically reactive that I had grand-mal seizures from even minor chemical exposures (perfume on someone else, exhaust fumes in traffic, etc.). As a result of exposure to DES in the womb, heavy metal and chemical poisoning from the implants, and heavy metals from amalgam dental fillings, I have spent the past 22 years trying to find ways to detoxify my body safely; a dangerous situation with impaired kidney and liver function and severe neurological problems.

In late August, I received a call from my good friend Winder Lyons, asking me to take a look at a product called Natural Cellular Defense. He wanted my feedback because he knows I only work with the "best of the best and purest of the pure". After reviewing the research, I was amazed – I’d never seen anything that could safely detoxify heavy metals, even from people like me! I joined Waiora on my birthday and I believe it’s been a birthday present from God.

The day after I received my NCD two of my grandkids came down with a flu virus that had taken another grandchild almost two weeks to recover from. Their
temperatures soared to almost 106 degrees. I gave them each three drops of NCD and within 20-30 minutes I could feel their fevers melt away. The next day they were up and about, fully recovered!

My personal experiences with Natural Cellular Defense have been remarkable! About a year and a half ago, I sustained a severe injury to my leg and had to have surgery a year ago in September. While the surgery allowed me to regain my mobility, it left me with residual pain, inflammation and swelling; I was still taking pain medication several times per week in order to sleep at night with the pain. It also triggered many of my old symptoms of severe imbalance and toxicity; I was in bed much of the past year. I had come to the difficult realization that I may not ever really be much better and that I needed to retire due to my health challenges. After one dose of Natural Cellular Defense the pain in my leg was reduced by 75% and after four doses it was completely gone; I haven’t needed to take any pain medication since then. In many ways, since I have been taking NCD, I feel better than I ever have in my life! For the first time ever I am able to safely move the toxins out of my system without life-threatening consequences.

I am so grateful for this product and the opportunity to share it with my friends, family, and clients! I feel honored to be part of the company that will get this product into the hands of so many that can benefit from it. In the 31 years I have been a nurse, 22 years as a natural health practitioner, and 15 years of being the Missouri Coordinator for the Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome, International Organization, I have never seen a more important product to get into the hands of everyone that I know!

Marie DeArmon Rogersville, Mo - October 12, 2005

On Oct 14, I was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma lung cancer caused from Asbestos in the lung. I had it in both lungs so surgery was not an option for treatment and this type of cancer doesn’t respond to Chemo or Radiation treatment. I was told I was in the 4th stage and when I asked the Doctor how many stages there were he told me there were four. That’s basically a death sentence for me. After all testing was completed, CT scan, Lab work, Tissue biopsy, and a PET scan, I was told by the Oncologist that there was nothing he could do for me and he referred me back to my Medical doctor for the final care. On Oct 31 I started taking “Natural Cellular Defense” 15 drops 3 times a day. The second day of my taking NCD I started to have different sensations in the tumor on my back that was protruding though the chest wall. Sensations like a numbness, to jelly like when I walked, to bee stings and painful, to a stretching feeling at the tumor, each day it was a different feeling. After two weeks on the NCD a tumor in my upper abdomen which was about the size of a ping-pong ball was now the size of a marble. In the third week of NCD that tumor could not be found and the tumor on my back was almost gone. At the time of my appointment with the Oncologist the tumor mass on my back could not be found. NCD is seemingly doing what the US Patent claims it is capable of doing. On Dec. 7 I had a follow up CT scan done and it confirmed that the two tumors were gone. Some were smaller in the lung and one was slightly bigger. I have increased my times I take the NCD to every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. The new tumors leave the body first the older more established tumors go last. It is imperative that the blood circulation be increased so that the NCD can reach all the tumor cells. I am vigorously exercising more and more to accomplish this.

Larry Benjamin (Jemison , Alabama)

Due to my own complicated unresolved health issues, in the early 70s, I chose to end my pursuit of health through the traditional medical approaches. Taking on the responsibility for my own health, I chose instead to explore other options – typically those concerned with the “mind-body connection.” Since that time I completed a PhD in physiology, neurology and psychology – ever seeking answers to my own illusive health history. After a 20 year career as an academic professor, I changed my focus to alternative and complementary care. Since then I have completed post doctoral studies in quantum physics and have been an instructor with several bioenergetic modalities.

Several years ago I noticed that I was having an increase in fibrious tissue of my left breast. Given my background I preferred not to have mammograms, rather had assessments with energetic modalities, pulled blood work and had urine tests for heavy metals. I also had moderate to severe pain in the shaft of both femurs, the long leg bones; and suspected heavy metal accumulation. All tests were positive for earmarks of cancer – highly acidic urine, pain that does not go away, loss of appetite, the presence of heavy metals (despite having had 29 mercury filings removed 3 years ago).

Several weeks ago I heard about NCD from a colleague. I ordered the product immediately. Being aware of my own ability to handle detox, I began taking the maximum dosage of 15 drops 3 times a day. I did this on a cross country drive from North Carolina to Arizona – a trip from October 4th to Oct 7th which hints at poor hydration, not the most nourishing diet and a disruption of sleep patterns. After the first 36 hours I noticed I no longer had any pain in my breast, and the “lumps” were subsiding. After 48 hours I not only had no pain in my breast or my legs, but my breast returned to a soft structure with no lumps or palpable fibers More remarkably, by the end of the 4th day I had a sudde= n revelation that I no longer “had” cancer, I had no thoughts or fears that I did so. I mention this, because over the years I have taken lots of products for detox, have used herbal supplements, taken antioxidants, explored meditation, toning and other modalities associated with Eastern Medical practices. Taking NCD was the first time I had taken a product specifically targeted at a physical issue that had profound changes both mentally and emotionally.

It is a pleasure to share my experience and trust others will be willing to share their stories.

Respectfully, Lana J. Ford, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA, CBT - October 19, 2005

One of the exciting things I have noticed with the NCD is that anytime my family (Parents, Children, Grandchildren and myself) have started any kind of flu or cold symptoms, I give 10 drops of NCD  a couple times and the symptoms disappear almost instantly. This is so exciting as the NCD has kept all viruses from assembling. We have seen several amazing testimonials and heard unbelievable stories. It has been so nice being well and confident with all the viruses going around.  I have also had swollen glands sticking out of my throat since I was a little girl, since on the NCD they are gone,  Not to mention the increased mental focus and physical energy boost. I am also sleeping better than I have in years, since starting on NCD 8 weeks ago. Wow This is exciting! I can't wait to see what  else it will do for my family and friends.

Debbie Newman Burlington WA & Boise ID

I have been suffering from a never healing lesions on both my legs for the past so many years.  Worst of all, I could be very uncomfortable because I was also bothered with a never ending itchiness on my legs.  On top of that, I can not wear many of my favorite watches (I love to collect and wear different watches.) because they leave me with skin eruptions and itchiness on my wrist.

I have received different prescriptions from different doctors I have approached about these skin problem.  I was told that I have poor blood circulation as a result.

I took the NCD as soon as it was available.  AND I saw a dramatic change with my skin problems just after a week of using the NCD.   I noticed that the lesions on both my legs started to dry up, itchiness is gone, and I can now use the different watches I want to wear with no wrist skin eruptions.

I don't think I will ever stop to take my daily dose of NCD.  Even the scars on my legs are lightening up that I could probably be able to wear shorts now.  Thank you Waiora for introducing NCD, my skin problems are now things of the past.

Romy Salazar

Keiko, female, age 72

At the end of Oct 2004 (11 months ago) Keiko was diagnosed in Japan with class 3 cervical cancer. At the recommendation of her doctors she underwent 28 rounds of radiation therapy. At the end of those treatments her doctors told her they had eradicated the cancer in her cervix. Keiko’s daughter, Felice, had a recommendation from her doctors here in Hawaii that Keiko should really have a PET scan in Japan to check and make sure it hadn’t spread anywhere else. It had indeed metastasized to every lymph node in her body.

Felice brought her mom to Hawaii in June of this year and the oncologists here said this was an extremely aggressive form of cancer. A CAT scan showed two more spots (on her lung and on her stomach) in addition to everything else. They would try 8 rounds of chemo therapy to put off what seemed imminent – but the prognosis was grim, they didn’t expect her to live even a year.

By the 5 th round of chemo therapy Keiko was so sick (nausea, vomiting and diarrhea) they decided to stop – that was three weeks ago. Instead they kept praying and kept using the natural supplements.

5 weeks ago a friend told Felice and her mom about NCD. Keiko took it for a week before she had to stop to accommodate the 5th round of her chemo schedule. This time she got so sick from the chemo she and her daughter decided to stop the treatment right in the middle of the round (3 weeks ago) and they continued with the NCD 15 drops 3X day starting the next day.

Three weeks later (Monday this week) Keiko had a follow up contrast dye CAT scan: When they walked in to her doctor’s office, he asked how she was feeling and what she’d been eating, and had a sort of perplexed look on his face. They didn’t know what to expect, but hoped and prayed there would be some positive news. Keiko didn’t just have a report that was good, it was beyond all expectations - the doctor told Keiko and Felice there was not one single sign of cancer anywhere in her body. Not in any of the lymph nodes, not on her lung or stomach. Stunned, Keiko’s daughter even asked the Doc, “Are you sure? Who actually read the CAT scan?” and he reassured her it was definitely the expert, the radiologist, not just him! He was amazed too and said that less than 20% of his patients ever have such a thing happen, that even if there was great improvement they usually see some residual cancer still in the body but there was nothing here. Nothing. And the nurses were crying with emotion when they spoke with Felice and Keiko. As you might expect, he asked her what she was doing. Felice told him and the nurses to check out the Waiora website!

Keiko will have another CAT scan in three months to confirm she is truly out of the woods and meantime she will be taking her NCD every day!

I just wanted to thank you for bring the Natural Cellular Defense to the market. I was given a sample bottle after the Conference in Las Vegas and started using it immediately.

I have suffered from Shingles on and off for the last 33 years. About a month before the conference in Vegas I had a very painful and severe out break, I started taking the drops as recommended, three drops, three times a day. After doing this for three days all the symptoms that I was suffering from disappeared!!! I am so excited about the Natural Cellular Defense product, I can’t wait to receive my shipment and start using it regularly.

THANK YOU AGAIN, I am so proud to be a part of Waiora.

Linda Bryant