Mailia’s life is a miracle - her chances for survival up until now were slim. Now, though, it is our hope that one day, Mailia will be able to live a normal life without any physical limitations.

Mailia doesn’t just live - she is full of life and joy. She is a happy young lady who loves her family and her animals, both stuffed and real.  She loves painting, photography and working on the computer … but most of all, she loves to travel and experience new things and places.

Mailia needs intensive medical and integrative intervention just to be able to breathe without the constant need for oxygen or the worry of headaches … or to walk without becoming short of breath or losing consciousness … let alone to run or do any activity that requires physical exertion.

As her parents, we have realized that palliative therapy will not help her live a normal life; it will merely act as a temporary bridge to buy her time while technology catches up. With every month that goes by, Mailia’s window of opportunity to survive Eisenmenger’s shrinks – her lungs further deteriorate and her heart function weakens.  In the past, she has experienced lung bleeds or pulmonary AVM's which are signs of the disease progressing.

But this is why we have explored various types of therapies and treatments. We strongly believe that these therapies will effectively complement Mailia’s traditional therapy and procedures and that they are necessary to improve and sustain Mailia’s quality of life, both now and in the future.

Our medical insurance, unfortunately, does not assist in paying for many of these new and novel treatments and the costs have become overwhelming and prohibitive – so we ask you to consider helping us provide these opportunities to Mailia.

We are hoping for a ripple effect. If many people help a little, the impact felt in Mailia’s life will be huge. Every little bit helps!

Please consider becoming a benefactor for Mailia’s Miracle and please consider inviting others to help. With many generous donations we were able to raise the needed funds to get Mailia's initial stem cell procedure in June of 2010, a second adult stem cell procedure in Nov. 2011 and two more adult stem cell treatments in Panama in 2013 and this year, for which we are truly grateful!  Now Mailia needs another stem cell transplant, one we hope will bring her that much closer to becoming stable enough for corrective heart surgery.

There are different ways to make a donation depending on which is most convenient for you!

  • A check or money order can be sent to us personally. Contact me for address information
  • Donations can be made by going into any HAPO Community Credit Union and making a donation to Mailia’s Miracle Benefit Fund, routing number 325181264 for account number 1775590-0
  • Direct donation to Mailia's current fundraiser with


If you are unable to help monetarily, please do not think we cannot use you.  We are in need of people who could donate some time to help us fund-raise (including letter-writing and event-planning), blog or manage our Facebook page, gain further exposure for Mailia’s Miracle via print, radio and television … the list goes on.  If you would like to help in any capacity, please let us know.

We also appreciate your willingness to forward this web site directly to others in your list or in your community who would like to learn about Mailia’s Miracle.

Thank you!

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